Detailed Product Information

Transportation Trailers

SP/AP “Dead” Pup Trailers are non-hydraulic equipped and therefore require the driver to utilize the truck’s hoist to load/ unload these trailers.

Cable Hoists

(CA-TM) – California Trough Mount hoists are versatile and can haul a variety of containers with various understructure layouts. The trough section atop the hoist frame can be manufactured to specific widths and with variations to the tail sections.

Hook Hoists

Single Pivot Hook Hoists are purpose-built for several industry applications including waste, construction, recreation, auto and more. With dual hook height capabilities, the U20/13-HK and U25/18-HK models provide versatility for the user to lift containers of varying heights and weights.

(DPHK) – Dual Pivot Hook Hoists are ideal for the waste, recycling, landscaping, construction and roofing industries, and offer greater versatility than traditional roll-off cable hoists.