Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing

Helping Municipalities Purchase Waste Equipment

Waste Not, Want Not

Sourcewell is a public agency that offers competitively solicited purchasing contracts for products and equipment to member agencies, so those members do not have to duplicate the solicitation process — it’s already been done on their behalf!

By leveraging competitively solicited and awarded contracts, your team has more time to spend on other important tasks and more money to spend on other projects. Sourcewell-awarded vendors like Galbreath provide aggressive, competitive pricing to customers. Don’t spend any more time or money than necessary!



How to Get Started

The best part about Sourcewell? It’s free to join for the following qualified agencies:

  • Government agencies (state agencies, cities, counties, townships, boroughs, villages, etc.)
  • Educational institutions (public and private K – 12 school districts, colleges and universities)
  • Housing authorities
  • Rural cooperative utilities
  • Non-profit agencies
  • Churches
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Native American tribes
  • Special districts

To learn more about how Galbreath and Sourcewell make purchasing quality waste and recycling equipment easier, please download our PDF.

For additional information, please contact us.