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CH8000 Container Handler

The CH8000 Container Handler is used for moving containers around a yard. Available with or without a rotator for emptying containers.

  • Handles front-load containers from 2 to 10 yards and rear-load containers from 2 to 6 yards
  • Back-up alarms and hoist-up alarm with signal light
  • Available with rotator for emptying containers; 200° rotator on “R” model
  • Pintle or Reese-ready apron
  • Direct-mount pump
  • Oil reservoir (inside frame mount)
  • Inside air controls
  • Bumper with recessed LED lighting
  • Poly fenders
  • Retainer straps
  • Black two-part epoxy paint
  • Air compressor for non-air trucks
  • Toter platform
  • Toolbox (side mount)
  • Toolbox (behind cab)
  • PTO manual or automatic transmission
  • Wet spline pump/PTO upgrade
  • Lid and rod holder (behind cab or side-mount)
  • Pintle hook or Reese hitch set-up
  • Work lights (multiple options)

Ideal for moving and placing containers in a yard. For transporting load containers on the highway, consider the LCH

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CH8000 Container Handler Flyer

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