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Loaded Container Handler (SLCH)

The Galbreath Loaded Container Handler (SLCH) was designed as a safer way to transport front- and rear-load containers. Containers are designed to sit level during transport to minimize trash spillage. The container and the center of gravity sit in front of the rear axle to maximize weight distribution, allowing safe loaded container transport at highway speeds. The Galbreath SLCH can accommodate up to 8,000 lbs. and front load containers up to 10 yards or rear load containers up to 6 yards in size. Legal overhang at the rear of the vehicle when hauling loaded containers prevents the need for an ICC bumper. 

  • 5” x 3” frame assembly
  • Back up alarm
  • Pintle reese ready apron
  • Poly fenders
  • Oil reservoir
  • Bumper with recessed LED lighting
  • Hoist up alarm with signal light
  • Polyurethane container bumpers
  • Rear load attachment
  • Direct mount pump
  • Retainer straps
  • Inside air controls/joystick
  • Outside controls
  • Paint – ship-out units in black primer; mounted used in two part black epoxy paint
  • Add-on air compressor for non-air trucks (may require inside controls or PTO)
  • PTO – air operated with signal light – (manual or automatic transmission)
  • PTO – manual or automatic transmission
  • Wet spline (PTO or pump upgrade)
  • Work lights behind cab
  • Work lights on the apron/bumper
  • Work lights (2 LED or 2 high bright LED)
  • Special high visibility package includes tower, bumper and strobes
  • Mid-body turn signals (required when truck exceeds 30’)

The Galbreath SLCH is designed for moving containers safely at highway speeds.

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